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Matt Rogers

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Welcome to the Matt Rogers Community. Matt Rogers is one of the 32 contestants on American Idol 3. Incase your still wondering.. Who is matt rogers? He's the big teddy bear Rose Bowl football player. know him now? Well if you join this community you'll get to know him much better. ;o)

Pics, icons, images....coming soon. Also.. a beautiful layout..


I hate rules..so i'm gonna keep it to a minimum.

Please post all american idol results behind an LJ CUT. For those of us who live on the East Coast, we will find out what happened before the West Coasters. We sure wouldn't want our anticipation spoiled...and neither would they. ;o)

Just because this is a community for Matt Rogers, doesn't mean that we can bash any of the other contestants. You can state your opinion, thats fine, but please don't be hurtful towards any of the other members just because they have different opinions.

Most importantly. . .VOTE for Matt!!! ;o) If your gonna be a fan...don't just sit at home.. crossing your fingers that he's gonna make it.. help the poor guy..and call in your votes!!